Thursday, 19 May 2011

animation for year 5

I made this animation message for year 5students to help them know what they had to do during the year 5 transition workshop at Frankley Community High School. They had to animate fruit in the style of the Ooglies on CBBC. The sentence my group animated was 'you'll be working in pairs using a camera, tripod and quality team work.' I animated it by using plasticine, felt pen, sand, coffee, and a laminated sheet. In my group we moved the materials around to create the message each stage we took photos and animated the process. To keep the camera steady we put the camera on a tripod. I enjoyed making the letters. It was difficult taking the pictures and making sure the camera didn't move. Something good about my work is the fact that we used lots of different materials to make a message. I could improve my work by taking more pictures to make it run smoothly and slowly.